Local Lead Generation


Get A Free Lead Generation Page

Leads are the life blood of any business yet many local businesses have not established an ongoing, online  lead generating system that will provide a steady stream of new prospects and customers to their business.

Local Ad Clicks has developed and tested many different types of lead capture pages.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  And more importantly we know how to follow-up and communicate to these prospective leads and turn them into customers.

And as a way to introduce our Internet Marketing Services to prospective clients, we are offering to give away a FREE Lead Generation Page (valued at $397) to anyone who wants to start building a list of customers. We;ll help you get it up and running asap.  CLICK HERE and fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

Where can your business be found?

Can you be located on the internet through Local Search?  Local Search is the fastest growing segment of the internet.

Google Places Listings: Have you claimed your free site with Google Places and are you listed with the other important sites for local placement? We can evaluate the current and projected impact of your business in relation to the search engines, the online directories, and provide a plan for receiving more qualified leads.

We can assist you in being listed in Google Places and the other most important online directories.  How important would it be for your business to be seen on page one of Google for your main keyword? Think of the possibilities.  Get A Free Lead Capture Page and we can also help set up a lead generation system which will generate a consistent flow of new leads to insure your company’s future growth. 

Mobile Marketing

The New Mobile Landscape: mobile-marketingThere has practically been an avalanche of users and uses for mobile devices in a very short time. Over 250 million Americans carry mobile devices. The introduction of the iPhone and the mobile applications that catapulted in its wake have transformed the mobile landscape. And the uses have multiplied to include eMail, Instant Messaging, Games, Entertainment, Browsing, Cameras, Social Networking communities, Maps, Calendars, Banking, Navigation, etc. etc. More and more companies are now moving out to the mobile space.

Messaging Services: Texting This includes SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service). But the long and the short of it is that almost everyone is texting.  Texting has a remarkable 98% open rate, compared to an average open rate of 20% with e-mail.

SMS-text-messagingMobile Marketing: For Local Businesses to take advantage of this permission based SMS and MMS marketing, they need to sign up with a service, and receive a text number.  Thereby businesses begin to develop a subscription list for marketing their products or services to. Speed of delivery and a high and fast open rate are advantages of mobile advertising.  About 31% of searches (especially local searches) are done through Smart Phones. Mobile is considered to be twice as viral as the internet.

geeksquad-mobileMobile Websites: Having a mobile version of your business website means that you present an abbreviated format, designed specifically for dimensions of mobile devices. This enhances and accelerates the communication in regard to products, services, presentations of offers and calls to action. Having a mobile-ready website is a vital extension of your marketing plan. This involves more than just translating a traditional website, and must take into account how consumers shop differently on a mobile device. Design factors favor simplicity for clarity of message.

QR-Code-Quick-Response-CodeQR Codes: QR codes stand for Quick Response and are designed for quick decoding. These 2D bar-codes are becoming more and more popular in all kinds of media and can be delivered digitally via the internet.  They work particularly well with mobile advertising, presentation of offers, etc. QR Code reading software is available for most modern mobile phones which feature cameras, and comes pre-installed on many newer models. can provide your business with a Mobile Marketing Service, Mobile Websites, and QR Codes.


Video Marketing

Viewing Video-marketingVideo: This visual medium has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years.  YouTube and dozens of other video sites have emerged. Now, YouTube gets 300 million visitors a month. There is the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but with video you get the best of both worlds: the image and the word!

Video Online: Combine video with your website and quickly present a visual and verbal image about your company, product or services.

Video Mobile: Video, too, is becoming absolutely important in conveying fast information for mobile users. The same video can be formatted for both uses to increase communications to customers and clients. can provide services for video production and/or for ranking your existing video in the local search engines.

Social Media Marketing

social-network-marketingThe Place of Social Media: Currently nearly all of the buying public (about 97%) use online media to research before purchasing products or services. And there has been a seismic shift in the way the information is communicated, as compared to one way advertising of the past. Now the prospects, themselves, participate in the process through services like Facebook and Twitter, which have more than 700 million members combined.

Think of how many other sites now have a place for customer reviews and input about a product or service. Finding your way through all the social media channels can be a landmine, but now most businesses do not want to be left behind. This is where businesses can best be assisted by an expert to help develop online and social media marketing strategies. offers assistance in developing your marketing plans.